Delft_Awamu Gasifier Stove


  • Made out of 22 Ga. galvanized sheet
  • Has 12 basic parts
  • 30 x 30 x 50 cm and weighs 4.3 kg
  • 40- 120 minutes of cooking time per load (depends on different biomass properties)
  • 3-Wooden handles for stability, portability and safety
  • Adjustable vent to control heat
  • 41- 43% efficiency
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • Save 40% on cooking energy costs
  • 90% smoke free
  • Save 30 minutes or more with each meal
  • Utilizes a wide variety of biomass fuels
  • Makes charcoal that can be used for further cooking
COST: 70,000 Ugx ($23).


Awamu Institutional Stove

Awamu Institutional Gasifier Stove


  • Made out of metallic rods and sheets with chimney
  • Saucepan diameter of 50 – 80 cm
  • 100 cm high with saucepan
  • Made in parts for easy transportation and assembly (bottom part can also be fixed with bricks)
  • Burn rate depends on different biomass quality and quantity
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Save 35% on cooking time and energy costs
  • Makes charcoal from the biomass used
COST: 1,000,000 Ugx ($320).

BIOMASS FUELS (Made from loose agricultural residues)

Maize Cobs

[Can be acquired freely from agricultural farms]. Dry maize cobs are ideal for use in gasifier stoves, and WILL also become charcoal!


[Cost 600 Ugx per Kilo ]

Made from agricultural residual biomass like ground nut & bean husks, saw dust, Surghum and millet straws etc.

Un-Carbonized Briquettes

[Cost 700 Ugx per Kilo ]. Made from similar raw materials as Pellets, but are of higher density, and require heavier machinery.