Troika Bingwa Test ResultsPreliminary test results conducted by CREEC in April 2014 following an offer for UNACC members.DOWNLOAD [PDF 2.95Mb]

Mwoto-Quad Stove TEST Report: Stove report conducted by CREEC in July 2012.DOWNLOAD [PDF 227Kb].

Quad2 Stove TEST ReportStove report conducted by CREEC in March 2012.DOWNLOAD [PDF 227Kb]


Mwoto: The Power of Fire! Mwoto Stove report for the BEIA project that promoted the improved biomass TLUD stoves in Uganda.DOWNLOAD [PDF 8.77Mb]

Awamu Company Profile: This is our company profile. Awamu Profile [PDF 1.80Mb]

Factors Influencing the Acquisition and Correct and Consistent Use of the Top-Lit Updraft Cookstove in Uganda

2015_Journal_Health_TLUD_Uganda [PDF 1.16Mb]

Documentation on TChar Stoves

TChar for Cookstoves (part1) [PDF 1.22Mb]

TChar for Cookstoves (part2) [PDF 1.11Mb]

The Renewable Energy Policy of Uganda: The Energy Policy for Uganda which was approved by Cabinet and published in September 2002 laid down Government’s commitment to the development and utilization of renewable energy resources and technologies. DOWNLOAD [PDF 1.27Mb]

Micro-Gasification: What it is and Why it works.
Every successful stove project must address the four essential  components; Fuels for the heat, Combustion to obtain the heat,  applications of the heat and Human Factors such as costs, cooking preferences and traditions etc DOWNLOAD [PDF 151Kb]

Biomass Gasification: Clean Residential Stoves, Commercial Power
Generation, and Global Impacts. DOWNLOAD [PDF 529Kb]

Interpretation of CO and PM DataDOWNLOAD [PDF 590Kb]