Utilizing Renewable Energy from residual biomass!

Awamu Biomass Energy is a startup social enterprise formed in 2012 with the aim of manufacturing and distributing the clean cooking TLUD gasifier stoves.

The company was inspired by the idea of working with local stakeholders to promote a low cost, locally produced and highly efficient clean cooking solution for the less privileged communities in Uganda. Awamu Biomass Energy was started to continue the work of the World Bank-funded BEIA (Biomass Energy Initiative in Africa) project for promoting TLUD gasifier stoves in Uganda that was implemented by the Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC).

We target households in rural and peri-urban settings which still have access to biomass (like twigs, maize cobs, “waste” wood, bamboo, carpentry  off-cuts, etc)

Our Core Values:

  1. – Safety First
  2. – Honesty & Integrity
  3. – Respect for Individuals
  4. – Innovation & Continuous Improvement

We manufacture TLUD gasifier stoves which are clean burners that utilize the technique of  pyrolyis to burn wood-gas from dry biomass and they create charcoal (carbon) as a byproduct.

Our long-term goals are to distribute 100,000 gasifier STOVES and 2,000 TONS of pellets by 2020.  These efforts create 1,500 JOBS for women and youths along the value chain.  Our efforts will also  eliminate about 350 metric TONS of CO2 emissions from the environment and will prevent over 4 million TREES from being cut down.

Households will directly save money from using our gasifier stoves and time spent cooking, collecting firewood and exposure to indoor air pollution.